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Light up your own world

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I read this today…

What exactly would happen if we got up every morning and said to ourselves, “I’m going to throw the switch and shine today,” and we didn’t give a fig of a thought to who might be threatened if we dared to be awesome? Believe it or not, many of us moderate our energy, our light, so that others feel safe, shiny or brilliant themselves. But truthfully, we’re not doing others a favor by dulling our light. Think about some of the great teachers in history, some of the great leaders or thinkers or inventors. Now think what it would have been like if they’d gotten up in the morning and thought, “Hmmm, maybe I should dial it back a bit and give other people a chance to shine today.” That’s not how it works.

I found this so inspiring. Sometimes events in your life (whilst they can hurt at the time), can really make you stand to attention in a good way. I am a pretty positive person and I can be ruthless as hell when it comes to things I don’t like or agree with. I am good at cutting my losses and moving in. I don’t waste a lot of energy dwelling and I don’t hold grudges. I like to just get on with it.

If you’ve been feeling a little dull, a little less shiny, then maybe you could try to flick that switch?

I have some ideas which you could do today…

Take a road trip
I took one with my Dad this week. We talked for hours about what we’d each do with money if we won the lotto. It was so much fun and it’s nice to daydream. It made me feel good just to chat about less important stuff.

Break a habit
Bron has been writing the most awesome series on how to help you do this. Maybe breaking a habit will help you flick that switch?

Make a list of people who are where you want to be
Who inspires you? Write them down, study those people! How did they get to where they are? What is it you like about them? Are they someone you’d like to hang out with given the chance? You can shine too you know!

Surround yourself with others
A problem shared is a problem halved. Nobody needs to walk down a path alone. If something is worrying you, research suggests it really does help to talk it through with someone. Ridding ourselves of negative energy will help move towards the bright and happy light.

Just be with the kids
This, for me, is the best way to zone out of my own drama. Just to sit with the kiddies and listen to them for a while. They don’t have our worries and stresses. I am a rockstar in their eyes. They make me feel shiny and sparkly.

Article and Photo by: Katrina Lee Chambers | Katrina Chambers Life & Design

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