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Opportunity International: Menci

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City: Kupang
Country: Indonesia
Loan Use: Planting seeds to grow a vegetable farm

“My name is Menci and I am 35 years old. I am married to Kefas and we have been blessed with three children, Shania (8), Endra (3) and Decky (1).”

Several years ago, Menci’s family couldn’t afford to eat proper meals each day. As a mother, she dreamed of sending her children to school. But living in poverty in a rural community in Indonesia, she couldn’t afford to.

“I grew up in a farming family – we grew vegetables on a small plot of land which has been handed down through generations. My husband and I wanted to work the land we inherited to support our family, but we did not have enough money to start. We were very poor.”

“With a loan of Rp.500,000 (A$47), we were able to buy seedlings and fertiliser. I bought spinach, kangkung (a leafy vegetable) and cabbage. Now I can harvest twice a week!”

“We are now able to eat regular meals. I usually buy one kilogram of rice for a day and then we eat that with vegetables we grow on the farm. I am even able to save part of my money. These savings will help my family in the future.”



Menci and her husband are using the income from the farm to send their children to school. “With an education, they will have a better life!” she says.

It’s your giving that helps mothers like Menci start their own business and earn the income they need to send their children to school. You can help rewrite a family’s future here.

Article and Photos by: Opportunity International Australia

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