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Inventor Allan Lear, Has Developed A Revolutionary Water Cleaning Innovation That’s A Game Changer For The World!

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Clean water is our most essential resource yet the global community is increasingly polluting our water resources that then become unsuitable for reuse unless recovered and suitably treated. Many consequences arise from contaminated water after it has made it’s way into the environment. Some impacts may include extremely unsafe drinking water, poor waterway ecology, negative effects on our food chain and endangering the health of wildlife and farm animals.

Allan Lear the Director and Innovator for Water4use lives in Queensland, Australia and has been a business owner for more than twenty five years including developing successful innovation patents that underpin his well known multi-award winning company, Transportable Shade Sheds. To provide some innovation background Allan created two unique shed design innovations during 2001 which saw a revolution in the building process for wind rated shed construction. Shade sheds are very adaptable allowing them to be used for commercial or suburban applications through to farms and remote locations.

Australian Transportable Shade Sheds sales and trade into the Asia Pacific region has seen the business expand to attract more than fifty active resellers working across Australia. The marketing  is provided by a global online future focused support provider called Saver6.com.

Mr Lear’s other experience includes mechanical engineering and design innovations within the oil and gas industry which has lead to identifying the need for waste water technologies and the huge environmental and financial cost savings that can be made around the world.

The Water4use research and development team, lead by Allan Lear has created a highly effective mobile water cleaning unit using the renew, recycle and reuse principals.

Allan said ‘ the contamination of water that you see across the globe is created from so many sources such as waste water created from agricultural fertiliser run off, mine site waste water, industrial and commercial wash downs, retention dam flooding and building site run off to name a few.

Allan had the opportunity to meet with Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull on the Sunshine Coast and discuss the need for containerised, adaptable, mobile water recycling technology. Allan talked to Prime Minister, Turnbull about the gap between large scale water treatment plants using reverse osmosis through to the very small water filtration units that are typically used for personalised water recycling and the big gap that exists between these technologies.

The Water4use use mobile treatment unit is aimed at targeting onsite water recycling and reuse across commercial industry. The massive cost, inconvenience and inefficiency of moving large volumes of waste water across the country does not make sense environmentally or financially.

The Water4reuse technology unit is currently seeking an International Patent and therefore can’t be described in detail but in general terms the technology involves utilising filter medias in combinations and processes that are totally unique and truly revolutionary. The mobile onsite filtration units will be rolled out to capitalise on the highest number of waste water reuse alternatives that meet environmental recycling guidelines.

The Water4use testing carried out to date shows extremely positive results that were well beyond expectations. The versatility and mobility of the 250 kg 1.5m x 1.5 mt Water4use reuse mobile units  means they can be containerised and sent across the globe.

Allan Lear said that ‘ the Water4use technology really is groundbreaking and something that I’m extremely optimistic about because it is so effective, very mobile and will change the face of waste water management for just about every industry world wide’.

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